Me and my Beret.

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I had a productive day. Like I had previously mentioned I do some freelance for gla.MAR.ous. I visited a few places, but will have more news to come later. I am also doing my first giveaway on Monday! your going to love it so check back in.

Sequins beret: Forever 21, Cardigen: Forever 21, Shoes: Soda, Leggings: Joyce Leslie

A while back I was tagged by The.K.Closet and I was newly tagged by Mon Modele to say 20 things about myself so here we go:

I don't have the ability to be able to stay still, Its kind of funny. I move my legs or hand AT ALL TIMES.

  1. I enjoy ripping all my clothing and making great little DIY.
  2. I think Balmain is Amazing! But who doesn't?
  3. I am eagerly waiting for the movie release of Lovely Bones.
  4. I eat Sushi all the time, I can eat it everyday, and Sashimi also.
  5. My memory is horrible so please don't get offended if I forget things very frequently.
  6. I cannot sleep to music, must be a Spanish thing lol.
  7. I have two dogs, Honey and Bambi.
  8. I am a very determined and driven person but I'm never satisfied.
  9. I love to draw.
  10. My favorite number is 3.
  11. I make list but never follow them.
  12. I glance at my blackberry every few minutes, bad habit.
  13. I HATE carrots and olives.
  14. I really dig music from the 60's and the 60's in general fashion wise.
  15. I am terrified of bees, ahhhh.
  16. I enjoy writing on my blog and reading all your blogs, You guys rock!
  17. I am a big fan of "El CHE"
  18. I have taken all sorts of extra curricular activities, film class, dance, theatre, photography Etc.
  19. I drink a glass of white wine almost everyday.
  20. I Love Forever 21 =).


Nubia M.

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  1. Am jealous that you can rock that beanie. I have tried those on and on again, but its an epic fail on me. You look great.

  2. i really like those leggings, and diy's are my favorites:)

  3. Loving the navy & blue combo - This is going to be one of my favs for fall so you are one step ahead already...and the beret is the perfect touch! (ps - what do u use to keep it on, bobby pins?...mine always slides off)...

    XOXO cutie

  4. Hey guys!

    alixrose: Thanks for the compliment but dont be silly, your so pretty and cute. I'm sure you would look adorable in the beret.

    Mint Harvest: DIY are so much fun!

    Midtown Girl: I love the color combo also thanks. I dont use anything to keep it on actually but I would suggest bobby pins that match your hair color =)

  5. Ooh that beanie is fantastic. I'm currently on the lookout for one in red *fingers crossed I can find one*


  6. Re:I'm in love with the nude lipstick too :)

    Ohhhh I love your beret,adorable ! And the cardigan :) Both are from forever 21 ?! Guess I'll have to shop there more often now

  7. I definitely think it's a blogger thing, to come dressed up to everything. :)

    I love forever 21, they have the cutest dresses right now.

  8. I really love Ur beret and shoes stylish Honey!


  9. Nice beret! and I love Forever21 too :)


  10. Man, what a lovely outfit and hat!

  11. i simply adore that hat!! =)

  12. thanks for the shout-out, so fun that you did this tag! Lovely post, I guess we have lots in common! Except for the sushi, I hate sea food!:D

  13. looking good, not sure you need the hat thing

  14. You're wearing the sequined beret! Love it! You look gorgeous in these pictures! And just for the record, I too adore Forever 21. I visit their website way too many times each day - unhealthy, I know! :)

  15. the "hat" is georgeous!
    great style, love it!

  16. love the beret!!


  17. Oooh i love this look, it's very well put together but with a little something. The beret looks awesome on you. I've been waiting for fall to roll around the corner to start wearing one. x)

  18. I love the beret and the colour of your cardie.
    Your dog's names are so cute!

  19. I am IN LOVE with your sequined beanie! I keep telling myself I need to check the F21 site to see if I can buy it online then I keep seeing people post it, there probably won't be any left by the time I get there, LOL.
    I also adore your blue cardi. And loved reading your 20 things :)

  20. Totally posted about an UO sequin beret. Didn't know F21 had one. It looks so fab on you. Must find!

  21. aww you look adorable. i love the shoes and cardigan.

  22. You look adorable. I love those patterned tights! I also cannot sleep to music, or the tv, or anything but total silence haha

  23. gorgeous, i love the beret, very chic!

  24. nice.. nice.. i love your beret!

  25. looking great sweetie,love your cardigand &tights!

  26. Sequins! You wear it SO well!

  27. hello Nubia!

    I am so honored to your visit!
    Thanks so much!
    I love to know new people and beautiful girls like you!
    let´s keep in touch!

    Kisses and hugs!!


  28. I love you and your beat. This outfit is ah-mazing on! Loving that long blue cardigan and hat! Fantastic :P Also would you be interested in exchanging links?

    Have a great wknd,

  29. I enjoy ripping my clothes and making DIY's too...great blog :)

  30. hooray for the givaway! and for that gorgeous sequined hat !

  31. Love the beret on you: it looks great. And I loved reading more about you. Its great getting to know other bloggers better.

  32. Wow, that top is just beyond awesome, love it!

  33. Oh wauw - that beanie is AMAZING <3 <3
    It's very pretty!
    I love your whole outfit =)


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