Under the Sea

by - 3:44 PM

I went to Coney Island to the Aquarium on Saturday with my Mom to spend some quality time. Seriously I'm glad I did. First off Coney Island is such a great classic place in NY to go hang out in. Of course I had to snap a picture of Nathans.

The animals in the Sea are Amazing to watch and they are truly beautiful. Sure some of them are very dangerous and very deadly, But isn't every creature in this earth including some of us? I was made more aware then I already was about polluting in the Ocean, Make people Conscious! its not necessary and you are harming a great amount of animals.

Here are some cool Pictures I was able to gather. Enjoy and if you live in NY make a trip!!

Oh and of course, Don't forget my Beautiful Mother

*On this trip I wore:
-A basic crew neck from Target which I turned into a DIY when I cut right through and made it off the shoulders.
-Bermudas from South Pole.
-A Pink Pashmina I purchased somewhere on 39th street. He use to park himself on a nearby corner.
-Shoes I got at a warehouse for a killer price. I love those Platforms they're so funky and Comfortable I felt like I was barefooted!
-A Betsy Johnson Purse

The Sea inspires Fashion as well

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