Miss Japan has been Naughty

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Apparently there was quite a disturbance about Miss Japan (Emiri Miyasaka ) this year. The picture above shows what she was suppose to be wearing as her "National Costume" in the competition.

Originally the dress was said to be longer when it was first shown on a cat walk, but the designer and director of the Miss Universe Organization, Ines Ligron, decided to make it shorter at the last minute.

Miss Miyasaka is now said to be wearing something less revealing to the Miss Universe competition but do you think all this controversy has hurt her chances to win?

Miss Ligron has trained Japans contestants for over a decade and I'm guessing out of anger she wrote the following on her blog:

"The conservative and fashion dinosaurs are criticizing her costume, meanwhile the fashionistas love it. I care only about the movers and shakers in the fashion industry."

She was being criticized a lot about how the outfit was sleazy and slutty I mean, its a black leather kimono and hot pink garters! In my opinion I'm glad they made her change it. If she was parading down the Harajuku streets I would have no problem with her outfit but she should not be showing her hot pink underwear for the national outfit. I just feel its a lack of respect for her country.

Surely the fashion movers and shakers can understand that? That's just my opinion I'm know not everyone agrees, What do you guys think?

Traditional Kimonos

I'm more than positive these have plenty of modern fashion potential without showing the world your undies.

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  1. Yeah that's quite short :/ I could see it being better if it had a little more fabric.

  2. Hi Nubia,

    Definitely a disrespectful thing to do furthermore with the national costunme. No dignity at all.. it would be fine if she was competing in a porno web or a theme at a runway or something but this?? OMG what a disgrace, sad to say. That's showing how desperado she was at that time. i really don't know what the world has become today. i supposed this should serve as a friendly reminder to many people out there.. Thanks for posting this. Great topic for discussion. Adios~

  3. Catherine: Way too little fabric by her privates to represent a country

    Styleantagonist: Thanks for your input on the subject. I question myself with whats going on in the world with a few things I see aswell.


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