Fornarina Fall 2009/10

by - 7:26 PM

Lindsay Lohan Is The New Face For Fornarina. I have to confess she looks pretty stunning in these pictures from what shes been portraying of herself recently. I miss the Lindsay from Mean Girls but shes long gone.

Fornarina described Lindsay as "Young, beautiful, eclectic, with great talent and a great personality, Lindsay Lohan immediately appeared as one of the few in the show-biz able to represent the glamorous style of Fornarina."

I Like what I've seen in the line so far and the red shoes shes wearing in the pics= LOVE for me =).

Here are a few photos from the shoot.

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  1. Lindsay's such a gorgeous girl, and I rarely see a bad picture of her. Her body looks awesome in this ad, but I'm not sure about the lighting. It's so bright against her pale skin, her nose sort of disappears and makes the planes of her face completely disappear.


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