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I went out with my friend Thursday night who arrived from the Navy. We were going to Manhattan and then to Brooklyn.

In Manhattan we went to BBQ (21 university place, 8th street) and they had a GREAT Happy Hour! Huge Margaritas and Daiquiri's for $5.00, and the drinks were strong and tasty. I recommend it. Downstairs where the Bar is, it has a very artsy vibe to it and dim neon lights. Cool atmosphere.

After Manhattan I proceeded to jumping on the L train and going to my favorite Thai restaurant Sea in Brooklyn, Williamsburg. It is an awesome place to go eat with a lot of variety on the menu. It's very nice inside and loungy with club-like music but you can still speak. I would recommend the Tup Tim Fritters to start off.

When we finished up at Sea we went bar hopping because Williamsburg has a strip of very chill bars and I eventually went home after. There are pretty cool event going on in Brooklyn during the summer. They have walls with flyer's of all sorts of different things like this one I took a picture of.

(click to enlarge image)

Its pretty funky which I like =). I found out they are going to be having Summer Movies for free at Mccarren park every Wednesday in July and August. It would make a pretty cool date you can check out the schedules here. Besides that it has a lot of shows posted etc.

In the picture above I was wearing:

A black cardigan from H&M, A Dita Von Tesse Top from H&M as well to help the fight for AIDS, Bermuda shorts from Pac Sun, And even though the lighting in the picture isn't great you can see purple knee highs from Forever 21, Also a gla.MAR.ous headband.

Hope you found some cool places to visit. Needless to say my friend had a good time ;-)

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