Great Makeup Deals

by - 7:37 PM

I am around 39th street in Manhattan very often. I always passed by the Cosmetics Warehouse but never went inside. I finally went inside and they have 40% to 80% off on so much makeup!!

I purchased an Almay intense i-color mascara for $3.99 which I believe is a good deal. Not only is it suppose to bring out my Hazel eyes but it is also lengthening mascara. I tried it on and it works great! I'm very happy with it.

To appreciate my purchase even more I went online to Walgreen's and it's priced for $7.49 you can view it here. That's about $3.50 in savings give or take with the tax. With what you buy one in Walgreen's you can buy about 2 in the Cosmetics Warehouse and maybe give one to a friend as a gift! that's very nice.

Cosmetics Warehouse is located on 250 West 39th Street
New York, NY 10018

Click here to see if theres a location near you.

They also have other great deals on makeup and curling and straightening irons so stop by if you're in the area.

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