My Springful Weekend

by - 12:53 PM

I had a nice weekend. For the first time it really felt like Spring! I was so excited, I just felt like jumping off walls and doing Cartwheels!

Went to Union Square Saturday morning. The art, live music, fresh food, independent designers,Just the whole vibe in general! I once considered it home away from home.

Did some light shopping in Forever 21. I recommend Union Square's Forever 21 personally, its always been one of my favorites. After I purchased a skirt and a dress, I decided to pay homage to Earth Month by buying there Eco-friendly tote instead of using a plastic bag and proceeded to exit with my goodies.

Here's the cute little outfit I wore and some pictures for you to enjoy.

(Above see my orange Eco-Friendly bag)

(Above see the hat I was having some fun with)

Shirt: Express
High waisted dress: Forever 21
Shoes: Afaze
Knee highs: Forever 21

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