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I saw Watchmen over the weekend and I will be completely honest with you. I love comic books, growing up with two older brothers you'd understand how a girl like me would get into comics. I wish I had time to read more of them and a bigger variety, hopefully I will soon.

Unfortunately I haven't had a chance to read WATCHMEN so my review wont be up to par with the rest. For someone who didn't read the graphic novel I liked it as a movie so I will probably purchase the novel next week.

I read that WATCHMEN has been placed in the Top 100 best novels written within the last century.

I liked the movie, it had drama, suspense, love, sex, heroes, villains. It has a lot of politics in it but is based around solving a murder. The comedian was killed, Dr Manhattan was framed, and I will get into more details when I read the actual Novel.

The movie had many parts (about 3 or 4) where I thought it was ending because of the way they would close out the scene but I believe this is because it was filmed to match the novel almost exactly.

All he wanted was world peace. Isn't that nice?

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