Trump Taj Mahal Lounges

by - 9:35 PM

Over the weekend I was surprised and ended up going to Atlantic City which was fun =). I didn't go out the Taj Mahal so I went to the following places

* The Casbah

* Ego Bar and Lounge

I have to admit I was pretty disappointed at the Casbah. I always heard it was a great party spot, but it was very packed!! I felt like I walked in there and had to give more people then I would've liked an attitude, that definitely not cool in my book! The music was good and they had dancers who probably could have been in better physical shape. It would probably get a 1 1/2 stars out of 5 in my ratings. Boo!
Ego Bar and Lounge on the other hand was very chill. Its located on the actual floor where the casino is unlike that casbah. It had a nice vibe to it and it has a great dance floor where you can have fun and not feel like your going to end up fighting someone by the time the night ends. Its a little small but it is a Bar/Lounge so that's expected. My only complaint is the D.J's did not play all the request they said they would but besides that I was satisfied. Ego Bar would probably get a 3 out of 5 in my ratings.

Most Importantly if you go to A.C have fun! party and try not too lose to much money =)

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