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I am sure many of you looking to get involved in the Fashion Industry are very excited and Amped, I sure know I was. So excited that maybe you would do something that can affect you in a negative way, innocently without thinking.

I never experienced this personally thankfully, but i have seen it happen to others and its sad and a waste of someones valuable time.

When you go to a job interview whether you come straight out of college or not, working for sales or designs DO NOT SHOW ANYONE YOUR CLIENT LIST OR ANY CADS!! people in the industry know EXACTLY what I'm talking about.

This is a dog eat dog industry and unfortunately many individuals running companies are not in looking out for your best interest and I will tell you exactly what will happen.

For someone in sales...
* You will go on a interview and be asked which accounts you can offer the company. A lot of people carry a contact list with numbers and names. What tends to happen is the person interviewing you will step out the room and "show there boss" even though what there really doing is making a copy of the list you worked hard to put together. They will then proceed by saying it was nice meeting you and they will call you but odds are they WON'T.

My suggested solution...
*Carry around a contact sheet with you with the ACCOUNT COMPANIES NAME ONLY. This means no buyers name and no numbers. You have to promise to deliver and if they really want you this will call.

For a Designer....
*This is pretty much the same concept. If you show Cads from a previous job they will make a copy of them and keep them to either
A. knock them off or
B. Have more knowledge of their existing competitors.

My suggested solution..
* Its harder for a designer but I suggest keeping having a portfolio of good pieces but pieces you don't have as much passion for. They need to see your work so you have to show something, but just don't take the risk of it being something you poured your heart into especially not your original pieces.

It's pretty mischievous but it happens believe me. Take care of your work, don't let it be abused.

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