PROM 2009

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Many high school seniors are about ready to explode with emotions around this time, mainly girls may I add. Happy, nervous, sad, excited, anxious, eager, Etc. I could go on forever. Eager Prom is right around the corner, high school is over and their about to part ways with many friends and loved ones =(

Prom is here!! Girls want to know whats hot and whats not. What can make or break an outfit or a look. For my Prom I remember I was always into the classics. I did a very vintage classy breakfast at Tiffany's 60's look. Hair up, white satin gloves, pearls, cute pumps and i honestly wasn't even that knowledgeable on fashion yet. Here is an old pic.

Ladies now want that red carpet look which is totally understandable. This is an important time for many. Here are some little things that might help your look and that will be in for Prom 09.

Headbands (especially with bows): I'm sure "Gossip Girls" is on Many High Schools girls Monday night schedules. The character Blair Waldorf which is also the Queen bee on the show wears a her signature headbands almost in every episode. Headbands were also spotted a lot of the Spring 09 runways.

Black Nail Polish: I think that if you wear a bright dress a nice coat of black nail polish will give it a sophisticated classy look. It is bold and has been seen a lot on the Red Carpets.

Red Lips: In any evening special occasion red lips never goes out of style. I personally prefer to do it with a black or white dress but it makes your lips pop! Also I would get the rest of my makeup light because you don't want to end up looking like a clown.

Sparkle: Any Accessory, earrings, bracelets, rings, even some light body glitter. This is a special night make sure you glow, literally.

Colorful Stilettos: If you choose you don't want such a loud colorful dress for your special night I would do a nice colorful pair of heels. If you really love the shoes even better! wear all black with a hot color of your favorite shoes and they will get complimented all night.

Those are some of the trends you will be seeing a lot in Prom 09. For some nice dresses and accessories you can visit

Here are some additional pictures for inspiration. I wish you all the best!

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