Fashion Comic Strips

by - 1:52 PM

While I was growing up I always liked Comics. I use to watch the Cartoons, Collect Cards and laminate them. I mean I was all into it you know? I use to try to dress up as the characters. I was actually Harley Quinn this Halloween that just past =) but back to the point. I will be making fashion related comic strips.

I have a bunch ideas floating around in My head and its just great and exciting, I'm anxious. I don't plan to have them all superhero related some will just be stories. I will be dropping one strip every week and I'm guessing every story will last about 2 months (8 strips) more or less.

I think Stan Lee was a genius. Must feel great walking around knowing that you have created Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, Iron Man, Doctor Strange, and many more. Just the whole concept of writing these stories were you have endless possibilities and your imagination can run wild is indescribable. Even the super heroines fashion was fantastic. Take a look at Wonder Woman's outfit, doesn't it look like something Lady GaGa would wear today? and you know shes had non-stop talk about her outfits. They were sexy and kicked ass! Here was some of my favorites.

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