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So I'm sitting in my office just finished putting some merchandise back in the showroom followed by a healthy subway turkey sandwich which I split with my co-worker. All of us in the fashion industry know that these haven't been the easiest times for us no matter what department your in. I work in sales and I still do what I have to do and I still have order's coming in but you can obviously notice the difference. People frequent less often, those buyers you were close with don't email as often anymore. Its just a phase though. Things will get better and fashion will NEVER stop.

I'm actually in 1407 Broadway a building which many of you know of. Unfortunately my showroom has no windows and horrible lighting, I feel like I work in one of those old school laboratories so I get headaches often =( .

Here is my song for people that feel my pain and are just having one of those days. The chorus mainly.

Ciao xoxo

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