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Going back to what I had previously mentioned head accessories are going to be big spring 09. Sure you can go to your FOREVER 21's and H&M to pick up basic ones but those might be some of the most common ones you see in the street. Go for something new and different! Below I will mention 2 great accessory lines that that I have shopped from and have gotten complimented on.


I own about atleast 6 gla.MAR.ous Zipper Headbands and I love them simply because I feel like there is endless ways you can wear them. These are great also because they are patent pending so you will not find the same design anywhere else.

Here is the new colorway for spring 09 line(These will be available in bow clips as seen below or will be available as a zipper headband). You can order the zipper headbands with or without a bow and can wear them hippie style or like a traditional classic headband. Don't miss out these colors are hot and look even better in person.


I have also read in many places that butterflies and floral will be very strong this Spring. I have ordered from Jammerdesignz on before and have gotten many compliments on the Clip I purchased. The good thing about jammerdesignz is that there are all one of a kind and they range in different sizes. Here is one of the clips.

Here is the address to see more

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