Udon Entertainment Announces Street Fighter 2019 Pin-Up Special: Convention Editions.

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If you like playing Street Fighter, you'll love seeing the ladies of Street Fighter embrace some pin-up style and poses. Chun-Li, Sakura, C-Viper, Karin, Cammy, and Kolin are going to take a break from kicking ass and break hearts instead. I remember being a young girl and playing Street Fighter on my brothers Playstation and thinking to myself how cool it would be to be like one of these characters. Good times. I always looked up to strong women. 

"UDON Entertainment is bringing the heat to Anime Expo and San Diego Comic-Con with two limited, special edition variant covers of the STREETFIGHTER 2019 PIN-UP SPECIAL! With stunning art by UDON veteran Rob 'Robaato' Porter, the two variant covers connect into a full picture with the ladies of Street Fighter facing off for a beach time brawl! 

Fans will find the Chun-Li/Sakura/C-Viper cover exclusively at the UDON Anime Expo Booth #2623.2723 (July 4 - July 7 at the Los Angeles Convention Center). Karin/Cammy/Kolin will be available at the UDON San Diego Comic-Con Booth #4529 (July 18 - July 21). Bonus round: Robaato will be in the UDON booth at BOTH SHOWS to sign your books! Supplies are limited, stop by and grab your copies before they are gone!" 

DETAILS: 32pp, Full Color, Limited to 250 Copies Per Convention
MSRP: $25
STREET FIGHTER 2019 PINUP SPECIAL #1 – Chun-Li/Sakura/C-Viper –
by Robaato -Anime Expo Convention Exclusive
STREET FIGHTER 2019 PINUP SPECIAL #1 – Karin/Cammy/Kolin –
by Robaato - San Diego Comic-Con Convention Exclusive

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