Slasher: Solstice, Season 3 Review.

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Flash Review: Quick And To The Point. 
Slashers are highly beloved in the world of horror. I recently watched Slasher: Solstice, Season 3 on Netflix. Slasher originally debuted on Chiller before it found its new home. If you're into seriously gruesome murder scenes, I'd absolutely give it the time of day. If you're looking for a solid story... it's not the worst. Read my flash review below and find out why.

Plot: Slasher: Solstice terrorizes the residents of a middle-class apartment complex that denied to help Kit (Robert Cormier) as he was getting brutally murdered when they could have clearly interfered or helped him out. Don't get me wrong, Kit was no walk in the park, he was a rude sex addict but he didn't deserve to die that way. Ever since that night, the Druid was born. One year after Kit was murdered the Druid has been taking out the complex residents one by one with his own agenda. 

Things I liked about the series: The series goes back in forth in time which is always fun. But more importantly, the murders were insane! They absolutely kicked the gore up a notch this season and it's truly the reason I stuck around. I won't give it all away but you can enjoy setting including coffee, drills, dissecting, blenders and more. This is a true homage to the '80s insane gore. I also liked how they display that our actions on social media have a serious domino effect. Whether you're famous online or not, one wrong tweet could ruin you in society. Scary but quite true these days. That's what I call real-life horror. 

I also liked the range in characters: muslim, gay, black, bi-sexual, mean girl, social media addict, and more. These characters all lived in the same building and disliked each other for a variety of reasons. The only set back is that with so many diverse characters, I believe we needed more episodes to truly explore their issues.  

When I Found Out Who The Killer Was: Honestly, I didn't want to believe it. Simply because I couldn't believe this person committed those types of murders with such ease. I also felt that the story of why the did it felt a bit rushed. They did explain it quite a bit but all at once. 

At the end of the day, this is your typical horror revenge story.The acting was good for the most part so that's a plus. If you're a horror fan and love a bad ass killing scene, you should absolutely watch. The special effects department deserves a damn award. If you don't love horror so much I probably wouldn't waste my time. 

I enjoyed it but felt there was a lot of room for character development. 

Score: 2.5 out of 5. 

Xo Nubia Xo

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