Child's Play CLAYMATION: 'A Big Chucky Welcome'

by - 3:19 PM

Child's Play is out today, and so is Toy Story 4. We've all seen the Child's Play poster that plays with the concept of killing Toy Story characters; it is horror after all. I'm sure Woody and Buzz aren't thrilled at the thought of Chucky murdering all of their friends. Now here's another way to kick this concept up a notch. Lee Hardcastle teamed up with Orion Pictures to bring you a big Andy's Room Welcome with Child's Play CLAYMATION: 'A Big Chucky Welcome.'
Honestly, I can't speak for any of the films, Child's Play or Toy Story because I haven't watched them yet but I will tell you that this Claymation is scary, creepy, and bloody as hell. BLOODY. I very much enjoyed watching it. Check it out!

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