Cereal You Can Eat And Collect: Garbage Pail Kids Barf Bits.

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Cereal While Admiring The '80s Classic Garbage Pail Kids? Bring It On!

Who doesn't love eating cereal in the morning? It's great having an easy breakfast that you can enjoy and will allow you to exit your home quickly if needed. You know what I appreciate when it comes to cereal besides the taste? Packaging! I'm a sucker for packaging which is why I was so excited to see artist Joe Simko bring the Garbage Pail Kids back to life with this Barf Bite Cereal. The cereal is available at FYE and includes 2 collectible trading cards! It's delicious too. 

Product Details: 

"Not only can you eat your breakfast, but you can collect it too! This ginormous box of greusome pink krispies and crunchy marshmallow 'barf bits' will have you begging for a second helping! Each box contains two randomly inserted collectible Garbage Pail Kids trading cards, collect all 4 cards only available at FYE!"

Below check out this cool video of Joe Simko drawing the cereal box.

Joe Simko x FYE x Garbage Pail Kids

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