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DC Comics, this is quite epic. The big day has finally arrived. It looks like Catwoman and Batman are getting married! Of course, once we all knew this was happening, we were dying to see her wedding dress! The cosplay possibilties are bonkers. How many brides will we be seeing at Comic Con Conventions?

Sadly I'm not up-to-date enough to read Batman #44 where Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle are supposed to tie the knot, but I'll probably cheat and read it anyway! I NEED to own it. DC comics was kind enough to give us a sneak peek of Selina’s wedding dress on Joëlle Jones' cover for Batman #44.

On twitter, DC Comics also shared Joelle Jones' design process, which I thought was super insightful and inspiring as someone who loves fashion and is currently engaged. 

Catwoman's wedding dress contains a good amount of black lace which I think is fitting for the character because it's sexy and a bit on the dark and mysterious side. The long tail on the dress adds sass and demands attention. Joelle Jones did a great job with these designs. Keeping it mainly white for traditions sake is also nice. The dress almost symbolizes a split personality to me... good hearted with a dark streak.  

For all my cosplaying girls out there, I know you might be thinking of rocking this dress to a Comic Con. If you don't have time to make it from scratch, here are a few dresses you can alter and put your personal touch on. In addition, if you happen to be smitten enough with the dress style and would like to wear something similar on your own wedding day, this is for you too.

"This strapless ballgown ranges from sweetly elegant in a classic ivory to dramatic and glamourous black lace Appliques over champagne English net. The choice is yours."

"Mermaid Floor-Length Bateau Appliqued Sleeveless Lace Wedding Dress With Illusion Back And Court Train."

"Glamorous Long Sleeve Mermaid 2018 Evening Dress Black Appliques."

"Laces Appliques Black and White Wedding Dress Long Bridal."

So how many villains are crashing this wedding? We all got our eye on you Joker! Happy reading!

Xx Nubia

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