New Hair, Don't Care! Love With Aveda.

by - 7:07 PM

Hey Nubians, 

Life Is Short. Make Each Hair Flip Fabulous. 

I love changing up my hair color. I feel like I've had almost every single crazy fashion color painted on my hair at some point. I'm surprised I have any hair left! My latest look done by my Amazing Aveda Artist Maria at g Aveda Salon & Spa Las Vegas is a little bit on the galaxy/nebula color side or maybe even a tiny bit mermaid inspired or The Northern Lights... Three things I LOVE! You'll see hints of lavender, silver, and green intertwined creating a beautiful color palette. 

I was really into the half black, half silver look I had just previously sported, but my hair grows very rapidly and it's hard to keep up with maintenance sometimes. Maria suggested we bring down the root on the other side so it doesn't look messy when it grows out. Did I mention it feels incredibly healthy too? I personally love it! She did a great job. If you're in Las Vegas, go visit here! Below enjoy some inspiration images. Cheers!

Xo Nubia Xo

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