Is The Glitter Hair Trend For You?

by - 6:23 PM

Sparkle and Shine Girl!

There has been a fun new hair trend floating around on the internet lately, glitter hair! More like glitter roots actually. I myself wouldn't rock it during the day, but I think it's super fun and flirty for night life and partying. A good trend to kick up your beauty & hairstyles up a notch. I also believes it plays off your natural hair color growing out against your hair dye.

Get The Look

Now if you ask me, there's a few interesting ways you might give this the DIY approach. You can buy glitter and put it on your hair with spray or gel, but if you're looking to buy a hair product I would suggest Scünci Hair Shimmer! With just the press of the poof, your hair and body can light up in either silver or gold. Easy peasy!

What do you think guys? Would you give this look a shot? 


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