Donald J Pliner At The Forum Shops Las Vegas.

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Hey Nubians,

If you're looking for a pair of bad ass, amazing, great quality shoes perfect for Fall fashion, check out Donald J Pliner.  

About a week ago I moseyed myself over to The Forum Shops at Caesars, Las Vegas to the Donald J Pliner boutique. I attended an event to support JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund) where 10% of all sales went to JDRF!

Donald J Pliner is an intriguing, interesting man. He is also extremely kind and a sharp dresser. Totally love him! 

While at the event,  I bumped into Christie from I Can Style U and I sat with her for a while as she interviewed Mr. Pliner. You can check out her interview HERE. He spoke about many things such as his travels, lady friends, inspirations, art, career choices and much more. He's one of those people who's a true visionary and truly passionate about his craft. 

Donald Pliner stated that his shoes are for women who understand fashion and understand economics (basically she knows how to invest in a good shoe). She doesn't cover her style but rather embraces it. As you can see from these photos which are from his latest collection, he offers something for everyone... at least I think so. Whether you're a full on fashionista who loves bold colors, and embellishments or you're more of the classic lady, you'll find a fitting shoe in this collection.

One of my favorite things about his collection which he's very known for is the beading in some of his shoes. So beautiful! Also, I like people who add personal touches to their designs... Did you know he made the sole of his shoes green because it's the color of his wife' eyes?! Melts my heart.

 Below is myself and Christie talking to Mr Pliner. 

If you would like to learn more about the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund visit

Are you completely obsessed with one of the shoes above? Let me know! 


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