5 Amazing Art Booths I Loved During New York Comic Con.

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Hello Nubians,

I love Art just as much as I love fashion and beauty. At New York Comic Con you get hit with endless amounts of inspiration at every corner. So many people are talented in so many different ways and when I take it all in, it makes me want to be even more creative. 

Below I wanted to give a shout out to a few of my favorite booths. I was already familiar with some of these artist and some were a bit new to me. So much detail, color, cuteness, and hard work. It's like Kawaii-mania! What I also appreciate about a lot of these booths is that there's a big price range. In almost every booth you can find something for as little $10.00 and then they also have more exclusive items that might run you up to $200.00 but it's all worth it. There's a lot of hours on hard work, labor and love here. 

Make sure you stop by all of these sites. I'm certain you'll find something you need in your life here. These kinds of shops contain items that make some of the best most unique holiday gifts. Something that people won't be likely to forget.


I spoke to Miss Zukie at New York Comic Con and she was an absolute treat. She told me about the cute little creatures and how they're whatever gender you want them to be. At the booth you'll find prints, plushes, stickers, tees, and more. 

Miss Zukie also told me that whenever the Zukies are wearing another character, it means they killed it and put it on. I know you may be thinking "whoa, that's dark" but I love the concept. It's quite sinister that these adorable little characters can be so evil but I enjoy entertaining the thought. I also like the other characters involved with the Zukies such as Pikachu, BMO, Hello Kitty and more. The piece with the Zukies afro hair is absolutely gorgeous.  Shop Zukies HERE

"Zukies are mysterious creatures that do not talk. They communicate with thought bubbles and facial expressions. Zukies intend to generate emotions through their visual thoughts and that is how they create an emotional bond with us." - Miss Zukie

Jelly Koe

Everything seen here from plush, paintings and art prints, comics, zines, and more is created by jellykoe! There's a lot of variety in this booth. Below you'll see the "Slice of Love" plush which was a New York Comic Con exclusive I purchased as a gift for someone... Isn't it the perfect gift for any New Yorker? If you're looking for something similar and cute there's also a very cute burger plush called "Kid Beefy" available on their site. Shop JellyKoe HERE

Fierce little monster plushes. I have my eyes in the handsome little devil. 

The art work of the little monsters on the heads of the people in those classic portraits is one of my favorites from the booth. It's so random and cool. I don't think it's possible to receive anything from this booth and not crack a smile. I had a chat with the artist and they were also immensely friendly. 

Little Punk People

"Spooky but Sweet" I think Little Punk People is so inspiring because you will all surely think "Family Goals". This dope company is family art created by 3 people Daniela Fullam, Justin Fullam, and their son Elliott Fullam. Everything they make goes towards there living and right back into Little Punk People so they can keep touring to different shows and conventions. Crazy right? They also have the most entertaining YouTube channel. Check out their videos and shop their collection by heading over HERE

I am absolutely a new fan of these haunted little characters. The women characters especially are so tortured and beautiful. From their hair to their eye lashes to the lipstick, I need one of these hanging in my home ASAP. On their site you'll be able to shop for a variety of things such as paintings, tote bags, vinyl figures, pillows and home decor.

The mason jars are very adorable and so are the snack bowls. All hand painted.

The Jelly Empire

If you love robots look no further, The Jelly Empire will be your holy grail. Out of all of the artist I featured in this round-up, I've been a fan of Selina Briggs little robot creations for the longest. I have a lot of her little guys framed and hanging in my home and I have also given many away as gifts. I even have the cutest little shirt! You can't wear one of these little guys down the street and not get stopped, it's next to impossible. Selina started her empire with 2D art but it has grown with original art, comics, collaborations, her own line of toys, tees and more! What an amazing accomplishment. She's also seriously one of the most humble, sweetest ladies you'll meet. Check out The Jelly Empire and shop HERE

The adorable factor here is over whelming. Below you'll see my 2 favorite prints from the convention. There's way too much to pick from #RobotGirlProblems. These pop culture inspired little robots are going to take over the world!

"Meet Jelly the robot. This little robot left his home planet to explore the universe, but one day along his many travels he stumbled upon the human planet called ‘Earth’. He found this a very curious planet and fell in love with the human Pop Culture and now spends his time trying to find his place within it. Jelly made Earth his new home and has invited many of his fellow Robotians to join him."

 The Art of Sketch 

The Art Of Sketch is another charming booth I picked up a few prints from. This artist offers something for everyone. As you can see here, the art is inspired by horror, love, comics, movies, and everything pop culture. I'm sure the artist Oscar "Sketch" Navarro also puts a special, personal touch to his work too. One of my favorite prints is "A Fun Day At The Park" which is the skeleton couple. It's also available in a cool pop-up looking version on his website. Shop The Art Of Sketch HERE.

I currently own the Friday the 13th and gave away the Harley Quinn as a gift.

New York Comic Con was a lot of fun. These are only a handful of the amazing artist and creations you'll find at the convention. If you've never been to the convention, make sure you stop by next October. 

If you have any questions, drop them in the comment box below. 


Xo Nubia Xo

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