WeLoveFine x Adventure Time New Clothing Collection!

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We'll Go To Very Distant Lands... 

My face when I saw the new additions to the WeLoveFine x Adventure Time collection.

You all know Cartoon Networks Adventure Time right? Well if you don't, get with it! It's a super cool, crazy, cartoon that will really get you thinking all sorts of things. The characters all take you on their wild journeys and you learn to appreciate them individually and appreciate them all for different reasons. Surprisingly, this cartoon will teach you A LOT of life lessons.

WeLoveFine has an existing Adventure Time clothing collection already (I own a Peppermint Butler Tulle Dress). Now they're adding a few more items to the collection that are available for pre-order now. I must warn you though, if you love Adventure Time, this will hurt your pockets haha. Really cute stuff !

Take a look at the collection below and if you're interested in pre-ordering anything, head on over HERE.

 Peppermint Butler Knit Cardigan (Guys and Girls)

Ice Ice Hacci Sweater
Photos via WeLoveFine

Princess Bubblegum Cardigan

Marceline Sweater Dress

Which piece from the collection if your favorite? I'm dying over the Princess Bubblegum cardigan, it's a must have!


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