First Impressions: SNP Animal Facial Mask Tutorial.

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Hello My Beautiful Nubian Queens!

I love Korean Beauty Products!!!

Panda Selfie Time! Heyyyyy. 

Korean beauty products are so unique compared to some of the stuff I buy on the regular. I mean... don't get me wrong, I love my American products, but that damn Korean packaging is soooo cute! Not to mention the products are great for your skin too. If you roam the web you'll see rave reviews. One of my favorite Korean beauty brands is Tony Moly which you can find at Urban Outfitters,

Anyway, I always talk about the importance of skincare. I saw these SNP Animal Face Mask online and I couldn't resist! I had to try them.

Each facial mask serves a different purpose. You'll see here there's whitening, soothing, wrinkle and a aqua mask. There's also a variety of animals: Panda, Dragon, Otter and Tiger. I decided to try out the panda whitening mask because I thought it would be good to even out small skin imperfections and well also... because I love pandas and really wanted to see the mask on! The whitening mask focuses on restoring dull and rough skin with brightening energy, luminosity and softness.

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I think these SNP Animal Mask would make great stocking stuffers and cute gifts for your girlfriends. They also feel super nice on your skin. 


Xo Nubia Xo

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