Colorful Leopard Lisa Frank Inspired Nails.

by - 9:07 PM

Hello Nubians!

It's time for Manicure Monday! You gals know I love my nails. I didn't have that much time to paint my nails this week or go to a salon, so I did the next best thing ... pulled out a pair of press-ons I had recently purchased. The nails are pink and yellow toned and feature a cheetah print. This totally reminded me of all my Lisa Frank gear from the 90s. I used to LOVE Lisa Frank!

So Kawaii! 

On another note, how do you guys feel about press-on nails? I just started using them about 2 months ago and they've been total life savers! So quick and pretty. I also walk around with a band-aid just in case one were to ever fly off (my true fear) but thankfully that hasn't happened yet.

Xo Nubia Xo

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