Over The Weekend: Drinks, Vintage, Jordans, Shenanigans.

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Hey Nubians, 

It all started on a Friday night with a Gene Simmons Hello Kitty POP Figure and an ice cold beer... Blue Moon to be exact. I checked out a local football game that night for absolutely no reason and saw the home team get smacked up which was pretty sad... Anyways....

Lets Move On To Saturday! 

I roamed around the streets of the Las Vegas strip with George and it was a pretty crazy night (at least the parts I could remember). We both purchased Ginormous Fat Tuesday drinks from The Venetian location and man, those things were yummy. I believe it was the 190 Octane, the strongest they have AND the bartender told me the size we purchased has about 10-11 shots in it... not sure how accurate that is but it was strong as hell. 

We've been getting in the Halloween spirit for sure lately... I think everyone is and The LINQ has all these cool monsters posted up which are perfection for photo purposes. 

I posted this meme on instagram, I thought it was hilarious. So Freddy or Jason? 

Here you can see my prom photo pose. Me and my date.

George sold his soul to The Pumpkin King... you know, the usual.

Cool art at the LINQ.

I love this shirt I'm wearing because my Dad purchased it for me a few years back. It's Vintage vibes are what attract me to it and it's very "All American" Denim, patches, stars, red, blue. 

I knew I would be out all day so I kept it casual and cute.

Wearing: Vintage top, Vans glasses, H&M shorts, Nike Air Jordan sneakers.


I always enjoy eating at Señor Frogs, I spend almost as much time reading the signs on the ceiling as I do eating. 


What did you guys do over the weekend? 

Xo Nubia Xo

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