All White Everything Summer Outfit.

by - 3:39 PM

Hello Nubians,

There's something refreshing and dare I say sexy about wearing all white clothing. During Summer time it's always been pretty popular. Not only do you get to maintain your clean appearance, but it keeps you cool under the sun. It's classic and timeless.

I'm looking forward to putting together other all white ensembles.... I'm thinking white skinny jeans with a wife beater would look fabulous or maybe even denim cutoffs.

Wearing: Forever 21 top, H&M shorts, and Wild Diva Lounge sandals from Go Jane. 

Lounging by the pool. Now that I've been staying out in Vegas for a while I have to hide from the sun. Everyday is a full on Summer day.

All in the details. Necklace from Kensie.

I added this necklace to the look because it adds a tiny bit of color and flair to the outfit. I always like the way it looks around the buttoned up collar. 

What's your ideal Summer white ensemble? 

Xo Nubia Xo

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