Oil Blotting Paper DIY (Starbucks).

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Hello Nubians,

Humidity is annoying as HELL, excuse my french but a bitch! I hate walking out of my house, having my hair done and a cute outfit on, feeling totally awesome and then POW! Humidity kicks in and your face usually starts getting oily, you start feeling uncomfortable and all of a sudden you don't feel so nice anymore.

One thing I can't stand is my face looking oily. As a blogger, I take tons of photos and I DO NOT want my face looking shiny (especially the "T" zone). I remember reading somewhere that Starbucks napkins or pretty much any business that has brown grainy napkins, work great as blotting papers! I put this to the test and it is indeed true. It beats going to Sephora and wasting about $10.00 a pack. Stock up on some napkins and enjoy an awesome coffee or tea at the same time!

The paper in Starbucks for example is made out of 100% recyclable content! (Go Green) I think the grainy/slightly rough texture is what helps absorb the oil from your face.

Below is the SIMPLEST DIY EVER for oil blotting sheets.

1) Gather a few napkins and a pair of scissors.
2) Stack them up as even as possible in order to be able to cut them easily.
3) Cut the napkins into desired shape... I like to cut them into squares or rectangles.

Then Wa-La! you're done. You can put them in a cute little container and carry them around in your purse. You can always just carry the napkins around but using a whole napkin to blot your face a bit is rather wasteful. 

Regardless if you don't do this DIY project you should try the napkins. They work amazing, I promise darlings ;-) 

Xo Nubia Xo

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