New York Comic Con Cosplay

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Hey Nubians,

As you may know I go to New York Comic Con every year. One of the things I look forward to the most besides the panels, listening people debate over DC and Marvel or who would seriously win a battle between Hulk and Thor is.... The Cosplay.

People who dress up are BAD ASS... I mean think about it, you get to be someone else for the day. It's quite interesting. I love cosplaying!

A lot of times during Comic Con I pick up A LOT of fashion inspiration. There's a cool mix of dark Lolitas, Harjuku Girls,and Steam Punk people floating around. I see all sorts of decades and walk away with something I want to incorporate more to my daily outfits.

Below please enjoy some quick snaps while I was walking around the convention.

Whoever did this shirtless Supermans makeup did a SICK job don't you think?

It's been a popular year for vampires and zombies so you can imagine my sheer joy to meet zombie Santa Claus.

The fierce and deadly Kitana from Mortal Combat.

Kawaii! Pretty Japanese inspired style.

This is probably the coolest family ever! Blame Canada. (song pops into my head)

A rose for me? V for Vendetta. 

Iron Man and Nick Fury. 

Favorite video game ever. Mario and the clique.

Haha too fun. 

Harley Quinn, one of my fav ladies. 

Xo Nubia Xo

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