Hey Bambi

by - 1:37 PM

Hey folks,

 I totally love my chihuahua. I have some sort of strange super glue attachment to her (she totes cute, duh). Anyway, On this day I went to check out a cool culture art gallery. I'll have some awesome gallery photos to share with you later in the week.

After that I just hung out. I have the Flu right now as I type which totally SUCKS! So in an effort to speed up my "going to lay down and feeling like I'm about to die" process, I shall just leave you with these images. Must try to get better, I have a busy week ahead.


Wearing: Old Navy cropped denim jacket, leggings were a gift from Japan, Brony Tee, "Do not skate in these" sneakers, gla.MAR.ous flower clip, Swatch watch.


Xo Nubia Xo

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