Let's Warm Up This House!

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Hey! Hey!

Wish you all had a great weekend. I passed by my friend Pam's house with my other friend Mary to have a small get together and give my friend Pam the congrats on her new place.

It was a night of beers, vodka, blenders, pots, pans, Taboo and more. It was actually my first time playing Taboo, it was super fun. I usually enjoy games where you have to guess what other people are saying without directly knowing.. I feel as if it adds to my "Survival in the World" skills.

It's been humid here in NYC and the humidity makes me one cranky Motha&%$*!. I wanted to be  comfortable while looking stylish in my own Nubia ways.

 Wearing: Mossimo sneakers, gla.MAR.ous dress, Sorelli Jewelry, Color Story lace top.

Why I chose this ensemble you may ask? Well... Heels make me nervous because I'm ridiculously clumsy and they also add pressure to your feet which makes you hot so NOPE, heels where out the question! My Mossimo sneakers did just fine. The skirt? Well we all know how I love 80s/90s fashion! I die for these type of prints, they bring me back to Fresh Prince of Bel Air days. I think Lady's love lace... I consider that self explanatory... and a neon pop with a green bandeau bra. 

Besides the clothing, I have thick hair and it HAD to be up w/o a doubt. I did the slick back I'm so amazingly classy and I rock hair ;-) I've pulled this one off with a variety of looks.  Bold COVERGIRL lips and minimal makeup seemed like a good choice as well. 

Below you'll find a photo of myself, Mary and Pam earlier in the year. So cute right?!


Xo Nubia Xo

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