Because I missed San Diego Comic Con...

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Let's admire some cool Comic/Cartoon related swag.

I could only assume these powerful women have seen and heard it all.
Available at Forever 21

You guys all know how much I LOVE Mimobots. They have been awesome enough to sponsor 2 giveaways on my blog also. Adventure Time is crazy funny, Kick ass collabo.
Available at

Cool Batman skirt on Etsy, bow and all.
Available at Etsy

Captain America shield earrings! Sweet.
Available at 1928 Jewelry

Artist Mike Mitchell Magneto shirt
Available at Threadless

"Stop" by artist David Leroi
Available at Eyepster
Tokidoki X Marvel
Available at Tokidoki

You can still cash in on summer fun and look fab with these Wonder Woman Bathing suits.
Available at SuperHeroStuff

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