Beauty Tuesday: Hello Kitty Hair

by - 12:47 PM

Hey Lovelies!

Okay so tell me this isn't freaking adorable? Seriously when I looked at myself in the mirror I said "Awwww" outloud. Crazy right? Anyway, My brothers girlfriend Kaori came from Japan and she is just this hair styling superstar =)

She did my purple and pink ombre and a few days ago she came over and did this hairstyle on me... It reminds my of Hello Kitty.

First: She waved my hair with my Amika straightening iron
Secondly: She parted my hair and braided about half of the back on the bottom and pinned it so it would stay put. 
After That: She made a cute bow out of my hair! Isn't it cool how she put my purple ombre in the middle?! #amazeballs

If you're in NY and would like to know anything about Kaori and her kickass hair super-powers, Drop me an email and I'll make some magic happen.


Xo Nubia Xo

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