Free Endearment Julie Bag.

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Greetings Friends,

First and foremost I'd like to say excuse the tired eyes, it's been one of those weeks.

Secondly, I'd like to tell you about this fun project I'm doing with Free Endearment. They sponsored a few bloggers with 3 lovely bags of our choosing, and we get to style them as we like. The first bag I'm styling is their Julie bag in royal blue. Royal blue has always been one of my favorite colors so you can imagine my excitement.

I have to be honest when I tell you I wasn't very familiar with the brand at first but I liked the fun and quirky look of the collection, so decided to jump on board with this project. Most of my blog followers know my style and would agree the Free Endearment styles I've chosen are fun, edgy, and can be considered a tad bit urban depending how you style them. They are truly lovely for all you purse/bag lovers out there. The inside is gorgeous and nicely detailed, the feel of the leather in your hands is simply exquisite... Almost like it melts in your hands in a good soothing way. They are top notch quality for the price range just to add the cherry on top.

Wearing: Levis Jeans, Mossimo booties, Free Endearment Julie Purse, thrifted blue blouse, necessary objects blazer.

This picture will be up on the Free Endearment Facebook page shortly so if you like how I styled this look, Head on over and vote for me HERE.

Thanks guys! Have I told you, you rock lately? Hehe

Xo Nubia Xo

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