Sushi Lovers?

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Last year while I was roaming the aisles of the New York Comic Con like an excited little child in hoochie cosplay attire, I bumped into Stuffed Sushi. KAWAII!

Can you imagine, I was in utter awe. My eyes widened and got real glossy and teary with joy like a cute anime character.  Sushi pillows? NO WAY! Such a simple creation can literally bring a kool-aid smile upon my face, I'm one of those people. I'm a hard core sushi eater, you know... The one that's always trying to make her friends try different rolls and then calls them lame when they don't. That's me!

Here's a description pulled from the site:

"Each sushi roll and riceball pillow is handmade with all-new materials and stuffed with polyester fiberfill (not your every-day pillow fluff!) for super-softness! Because they are handmade, each sushi roll is unique and will bring you back to the feeling you had when you first discovered your love for Sushi!"

Anyway, I thought these where cute and would make the most adorable cheesy gifts ever (In a good way). Even cute decor. Cuddle up with your favorite roll!

One of the creators most recent inventions is these crazy mustaches. Did you have one of these on during Movember?

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