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Saturday afternoon I headed over to MUD Make-up Designory to take a class by make-up artist Jen Lombardo. It was a pretty basic class and I wanted to share a few small tips with you all. I literally took my notes and copied and pasted them here so they aren't in any particular order.

I know a lot of you have asked me questions about my make-up in the past but I pretty much taught myself. If you have any particular question, feel free to ask and I'll answer it to the best of my knowledge or personal experience.

Make-up Tips:
  • Get a color wheel and study it.. Learn whats cold and warm.


  •  Make sure to always moisturize before foundation.
  • Use highlighter very high on your cheek bone, imagine where the sun would hit your cheek.
  • Contour darker from ear tragus and leave 2 fingers from lip to not look to sunken in.
  • Contour in the shape of a 3 (matte not shimmery).
  • Throw blush on apple of the cheek(round part) cream tends to be better than powder.
  • Make sure to double check your T  zone hot spots (shape of T on face) for oil and retouching.
  • Brush brows to look organized in one direction... 

  • Highlight inner corner of eye if dark.
  • Roll brush to fix creases under eyes, don't dab it!
  • Curl eye lashes..makes lashes look longer, fuller and eye more open. Curl twice if needed. Curl at root and then at center.
  • Primer or base eyes. Use light color on lid.
  • Blend dark color in crease of eye (windshield wiper movement).
  • More mascara at the tip than the root of the lash.
  • Mascara on bottom might attract darkness but can also attract more definition.

  • Lip tip: dab on with finger.. Fix corners with brush if needed.
  • Do lip line like a sketch... Start from outer corners and then work your way in.
  • **Remember when choosing makeup it's all about balance.. If you're wearing a crazy dress do neutral makeup.

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