D.I.Y studded boot

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Here is a way to take a plain pair of black boots and do them up. I thought it was proper to use studs for this project because they have been so trendy lately and because I just so happen to conveniently have had a studded belt laying around my home.

First you pick your belt. I really wish I had one with bigger studs but this will do for the moment. Make sure you measure this will be long enough for the pair of boots you have chosen.

Secondly you are going to VERY CAREFULLY grab a knife or a sharp scissor and slit in between the layers of leather on the belt.

Thirdly, when you see your slit was affective you are going to pull the belt apart in half.

When your done your going to cut the leather where ever you feel is necessary.

I suggest looking for a hammer but I couldn't find one so I used a wrench the hit the back of the strap for the sharp points of the studs. You have to make sure they are all flat so they don't fall out while your walking later on.

You're then going to put the strap in a circular shape and pin it with a safety pin from the inside.

Proceed by taking the boots you have previously selected

then you put it over and TAH DAH!! you are now part of what I call "Stud Mania"

This look is also easier to make if you have a long studded necklace or accessory. The cool thing is since it's a strap and not on the actual boot you can add this to your other shoes as well. I'm happy my belt had that awesome chain on it!!

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