Simple Way I Saved My Shoes..

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We all love our shoes. Whether there one of our high end designer pairs or just one of our simple regular pumps, we have a special affection towards certain pairs in our closet.

A lot of times when I go out to a Lounge or a club I try not to wear my most expensive shoes because I feel like they always end up scuffed, especially when a place is packed and everyone has had a few drinks. Of course this depends the event I'm going to, If its a chill place I keep it simple usually.

Here you can see a simple pair of pink pumps I purchased in a local boutique. After wearing them once they were scuffed in the front and I didn't think I would wear them again which was truly a shame.

I found a great little vintage Hot pink skirt in my mother's closet and was dying to wear it with some pink pumps! I only had that pair that were scuffed so I got a little creative. So simple to do, I grabbed a Sharpie marker and painted the front tips and the bottom tips of the heels black. I think this gave them a classy sort of vintage appeal.

And that my fellow readers is the story of how I saved my shoes. It took no more than five minutes to do but in reality I know so many people that would have just thrown them out and its just so much more fun to be funky. Just make sure you let them dry. I'm thinking of getting more creative with them next week, maybe polka dots? hmmm..

I went out to have dinner and a few drinks that day. This was me heading out

I was wearing
*A vintage pink skirt from my beloved mother
*A Marvel Comics t-shirt from Target that I fell in love with (As I mentioned before I am a big comic fan)
*A black belt from Strawberry
*My pink and now black pumps I restored I guess you can say.

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