Isaac Mizrahi Joins QVC!

by - 2:12 PM

I have always liked Isaac Mizrahi. He's entertaining and hilarious if you ask me. Remember his movie Unzipped for his Fall 2004 line? I actually watched it in college.

Issac has ressurected his popularity within the last few years by TV appearances(i.e Bravo: The Fashion Show, Sex and the City, Ugly Betty, Food Network etc.) being the creative director of Liz Claiborne, his line at target and his own high end line.

His show on QVC is suppose to consist of selling, being a talk show and a some what reality show as well. I definitely think he has the attitude and drive to make the show interesting, hes snappy and even comes across as rude sometimes which will attract an audience.

So look out for him on Issac Mizrahi Live. Hes on a role lately!

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