GaGa Naughty As Ever

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Lady GaGa looks rather Amazing in her spread coming out for V Magazine. Amazing and daring she always seems to give us something interesting to look at and I always wonder whats next. Shes extreme and I'm glad to see someone trying to push limits.

Fierce. I always get a vibe of old school Madonna from her. I know they were saying Britney Spears was the next pop icon which musically was true but on a fashion level she never pushed limits like Madonna did and GaGa is doing present. Here's some vintage Madonna pictures:

Enjoy this video I bumped into on YouTube of the Lady GaGa V magazine spread.

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  1. The more i read about her, the more i love her! I agree tho, Brit is no where near the bad girl Gaga is now.. Brit tried to be the badgirl, but already established her good girl, so it backfired :( Lady Gaga on the other hadn came out kicking & screaming! haha..

    Thanks for posting these awesoe pics~!!

  2. you're so right on about britney. she really never took risks with outfits. she always matched everything and looked so together. i love how lady gaga always has something to talk about!


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