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Who: Nubia
What: Spring Lounge Outfit
Where: Strata/Duvet NYC

Saturday night I went out with a few friends. The original plan was to visit a "Strata" Nightclub. I had heard prior to visiting the club that it was fun and had a good atmosphere along with 2 rooms.

WELL, to my unfortunate surprise the club was NOT to my liking. To start off, as I walked in I was informed one of the rooms was closed. Then the music didn't impress me at all. I was probably groped at least twice and all of this happened in probably less then 10 minutes. While we were leaving one of my friends suggested getting stamped in case someone wanted to go back but the bouncer would not let us leave for 10 minutes and come back it was ridiculous! They probably made more then 120 dollars off entrance and did not even let us step out for 10 minutes. The bouncer was rude and mean. I don't recommend this to anyone.

Whats up with bouncers thinking they have so much power anyway? Can someone enlighten me?

After we Left we went to "Duvet". A lot of the music was kind of old but it was enjoyable. The club in general was way nicer inside and the crowd was decent. It was overall just a better vibe. I would recommend it.

The weather was so nice I decided to show some legs! I had been wearing leggings and stocking a lot lately but I felt so inspired.

There were great details by the back zipper, you cant really tell by the picture but there was little crystal beads on the back. This skirt was great.

Ruched Cami: Mandees
Skirt: Forever 21
Shoes: BCBG Girls

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