Touch vs Technology

by - 12:22 PM


I am a big technology fan. I love gadgets! I am pretty addicted to my blackberry, I do everything on it. Last week while I was riding the Subway, I saw two individuals reading across from each other. One was reading on a Kindle and the other was reading a book.

I am not a fan of Kindle. I feel like I need to hold my book and be one with it as weird as that might sound. I feel that a Kindle might take away the historic meaning behind some readings. I think if a writer like William Shakespeare knew you were reading his work off Kindle he would role over in his grave. What if you read the bible? Will you now be reading it off Kindle? It looks like a mini computer wouldn't it be bad for your eyes? Surely this might improve the sales in many stylish Versace and Dior reading glasses.

I like the feeling of flipping through pages, it has some sort of significance. Some people enjoy privacy with there books so they put on a nice book cover on it with a pretty pattern, I've done it before. A connection with a book and author is important. I don't think I can have a connection reading a story from a Smart phone with E-books or through Kindle. I see these more and more everyday.

What side are you on?

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