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As you can see from my last post on Friday (Sorry :-( I haven't gotten around to fixing my Internet problem at home) I really wanted to get a pair of boyfriend jeans. I looked around but honestly wasn't satisfied. Having a boyfriend that is 6'3, and me being 5'5 you can see my problem and why I can't just take a pair of his.

Yesterday I had to do laundry and I didn't have anything to wear downstairs. Inspired by my last post I looked through my closet and found an old baggy pair of Guess Jeans overalls. This was just a quick and easy Do it yourself project.

I just measured with my eye a spot to start cutting, If you want to get technical you can always measure but I didn't have time for all of that my laundry load was looking heavy. You want to be careful with the back to not cut it too short.

Once I was done I tried them on and they fit fine, So I was Happy. I then proceeded to make to small slits. One slit was by the right pocket and one was by my left knee. I grabbed a cheese grader and rubbed it against the slits to make them look a little distressed and that was it!

Here they are..

I decided to add the silver belt for a feminine touch and I Accessorized with this Unzipped gla.MAR.ous Zipper headband.

Unlike most boyfriend Jeans I've seen I didn't roll the bottoms up, but I probably will next time I wear them with some nice strappy flat sandals maybe?

Ciao <3

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