Deodorant Drama: Scented vs Unscented

by - 11:18 AM

Do you ever feel like you've been wearing a shirt for about an hour or two and it leaves a certain scent? Not necessarily a bad scent but a distinct scent.


Do you ever feel like your perfume isn't working properly? or you feel it doesn't last as long as it should?

This can all be due to the deodorant your using. This actually goes out to both male and female.


Actual facts show that deodorants clash with the smell of perfume. I was talking to my friend about this and we both prefer unscented deodorants. As you may know when you buy a scented deodorant, they usually come in smells such as "Fresh Mountain scent" or "Summers Breeze"

I know I love my Betsey Johnson and Moschino perfume and I would hate for a $8 dollar deodorant to take away from it.

You also have the issue with laundry. Many times I wear a shirt for only a few hours and I really shouldn't have to throw it in the laundry but I do anyway because of scented deodorant.

In my personal opinion UNSCENTED ALL THE WAY! It can really make a small but surely noticeable difference in your everyday life.

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