Your lonely days are over! Pekoppa toy!!

by - 12:49 PM

Do you come home to an empty apartment? Or are you tired of feeling like your family or significant others don't listen to you or you don't feel comfortable talking about certain affairs? Fear no more!!

The great folks at Japans Sega Toys Co. Ltd. have made the Pekpppa toy. This new hit in japan is a small plant that's just beginning to grow and reacts to the sound of your voice. Speak to it and you will be amazed as you see how the stem leans toward you as if its reaching out to you and the two little leaves begin to flutter.

Since its release last year in September it has sold over 50,000 units! It is said that the gentle nodding have eased and pleased many people mentally. Lets be real though, YOU DAMN WELL KNOW THIS PLANT DOES NOT KNOW, CARE, OR UNDERSTAND A THING YOUR SAYING. I just honestly think people look for any form of understanding these days. The toy has been so successful that a updated flower version is scheduled to drop in June.

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