No better than the original?

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I accidentally saw the The Last House On The Left a few months ago without even knowing it was going to be remade and in theatres March 13th. The original was brutal and gory. I liked it for the fact that it was very realistic. Girls get kidnapped and a lot of times they don't make it out a live which is what you witness in Wes Cravens 1972 version of the movie (which is actually a remake of Bergman's "the Virgin Spring"). If you don't like realistic movies that don't have happy endings this movie isn't for you and you might be highly disturbed at its cruelty. As a matter a fact it left me pretty depressed. I always thought Wes Craven had a way to really play with peoples mind and manipulate you to feel what he wants. He is a great director and I have been a Nightmare on Elm Street fan for as long as I could remember.

I have no idea is the 2009 version i an exact remake yet but I know they both have the same plot. If you want a brief summary and more information on the new "The Last House On The Left" copy the link below

Here is the cover of the 1972 version

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