by - 11:41 AM

Today while I was taking the train to work, I exited on 42st and Bryant Park. Many of you who get off at this stop know there's usually a nice Lady giving out the "AM NEW YORK" Newspaper. As I gladly took it to inform myself whats going on with the world today, The first thing I saw when I opened it was this cool ad from UNI QLO that took up the whole page "SPRING COLOR JEANS, NOW $39.90.

This caught my eye so much that I decided to go to the UNI QLO website. I've actually shopped there few times, They have nice basic things and awesome designs if your into T-shirts a lot which I'm not, but its nice to have a few.

While browsing the page I saw "The Designers Invitation Program" you can click here for a description I thought it was interesting.

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