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I live in Queens, NY and Every time I want to find myself a cute little accessory or clothing itself, I always end up going downtown in the city. But I wont have to do that anymore!!

I recently discovered actually browsing online a great shop in Astoria by the Name of "Candy Plum". Yesterday March 26 I attended Brick Cafe in Astoria for a Candy Plum event where designers were showing spring lines. I couldn't be happier I attended!

I was very impressed with the merchandise I saw, the friendly people, the great atmosphere, and the down to earth designers. From Clutches, to T-shirts, Dresses, Coasters, Jewelry,Head-wear, The variety was endless.

I think overall as a individual living in queens all my life Its almost like a relief? Seriously It will definitely be one of my regular shopping locations from now on.

I actually purchased 2 little items at the event last night at brick cafe. Due to everything that has been going on with the recession. I saw this cute coin purse and figured I had to buy it, I kept starring at it and couldn't agree with the message more. It couldn't have been more appropriate.

This coin purse by BlueQ is made of 95 percent recycled material and could be found at Candy Plum or BLUEQ.

As I kept strolling through these tables with my complementary glass of white wine, I ran into a table with jewelry and saw these cute heart shaped earring with a movable arrow on them. The earrings said "LOVE ME" and then said yes, no, yes, no all around them and your suppose to spin the arrow. I just thought they were adorable because they kind of reminded me of something you would do when you were younger and had a crush on someone.

These earrings which are "b.e.n by Marija" can be found at Candy Plum or

Most of the designers I saw have Etsy accounts. I think if you love creative fashion you can get lost in Etsy for hours!!!

Here are some Etsy accounts from some business cards I was able to scoop up.

Also visit

Candy Plum also offers great opportunities for new designers, you can find out more on their website. They are located on 30-98 36th Street Astoria NY 11103

I look forward to checking out future events. Fashion lovers don't miss out! Stop by.

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